What is Common Home?

Common Home provides affordable homes for sale. We work with public landowners to utilise unloved bits of land to provide beautifully-designed, flexible and generous homes for local people. We are not developers. This means that the homes we build are truly affordable; each is sold outright, with 100% ownership. Common Home allows local people to stay in the communities where they have chosen to make their home.

How does it work?

Common Home uses the inherent value of public land to secure development funding and to build generous homes for sale. Our homes are significantly larger than the minimum space standards, and come fully fitted - including kitchens, white goods and bathroom fittings - so that residents just have to move in...no DIY required.


I'm a public landowner. How can I help?

Common Home provides a simple solution for unlocking publicly-owned sites to provide affordable housing. We have a sophisticated architectural and engineering system which we have developed in collaboration with our consultancy team which can deliver high-quality, affordable homes.

The only contribution required from you is an agreement to grant us a long lease on your land so that we can build these homes. We provide a fully-integrated service: we take care of all legal agreements, planning permission, construction, sales and ongoing management services. Nothing else is required from you.

If you think this might be of interest, please drop us a line for a no-strings-attached conversation.